Fritted Honeycomb Recycler – 12″


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This Glass Recycler Bong is a stunning unique piece with all kinds of features that make sure your hit is the smoothest. This glass recycler 12 inches in height and is especially designed for smoking. This complete set is equipped with a built-in colored Fritted HoneyComb perc.

The Recycler Rig features a stemless design with Fritted Honeycomb percolator and 3 recycler tubes where water is additionally swirled during smoking. While the water is drawn through the tubes and then flows back into the main chamber, harmful substances get stuck at the wall. This to ensure a smoother hit that is very easy on the lungs and throat, but still packed with flavor.

The color rimmed sidecar mouthpiece allows smoking with maximum comfort, so you can kick back and relax whilst using it!


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