Silicone Beaker Water Pipe with Removable Glass Chamber – 9.5″


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Unlike traditional silicone bongs, this piece features a see-through main chamber where one of the percolators is located. This bong stands about 9.5 inches tall and features a bent neck design. It can easily be dissembled for cleaning. In the beaker-style base is a diffused downstem for the first round of filtering and cooling. Smoke then passes into the second chamber, featuring 12 holes for maximum filtration. The piece comes with a 14mm female glass joint and includes a 14mm male glass bowl.

Using a combination of glass and vibrant colored silicone materials, this piece is a guaranteed showstopper. Due to its silicone design, this bong is virtually unbreakable, heat resistant, and also freezer safe. Included in the bottom compartment of this beaker bong, you will find a glass dry herb bowl with each colored piece. Maintaining and cleaning this product is extremely simple since it is anything but difficult to dismantle and reassemble.


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