Why IAI?

Our collection of smoke and e-vape products will allow you to create a competitive advantage in the industry. Whether you have one store, or a chain of locations, our pricing creates margins that your business will profit from. We carry a very diverse collection of quality products including: Water Pipes, Glass Hand Pipes, Bubblers, Acrylic Pipes, Oil Burners, Wood Pipes, Metal Pipes, Pipe Smoking Accessories, Vaporizers, E-Liquids, Steam Rollers, Grinders, Scales, Incense, Detox, Dugouts, Hookah and Accessories, Lighters, Lighter Accessories, Cigarette Rolling Machines and Paper, assorted glass and the list goes on.

Maintaining high quality and standard of personalized service is what sets us apart.

We take pride in following and sharing these company policies:

  • Treat customers’ as you would want to be treated
  • Listen to your customers’ wants BEFORE you tell them their needs
  • Answer every question
  • Take time to make a customer, not a sale. Decide what’s RIGHT and what’s WRONG, then do what’s BEST
  • Reputable wholesaler since 1994
  • Direct wholesale supplies
  • Assured shipments
  • Competitive prices
  • More margins
  • Direct factory supplies from factories in Asia
  • More value for money
  • Personalized service