ceramic pipes

Take a Look at the Ceramic Pipes Wholesalers Today

Ceramic Pipes When it comes to smoking today, there are all sorts of pipes that people enjoy using to smoke their products. While some people may have a particular interest in metal pipes that are easy to carry and store, others like the inexpensive nature that acrylic and plastic pipes provide. Still, others prefer the…

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wholesale pipes and bongs

Getting Wholesale Pipes and Bongs for Your Store

Wholesale Pipes and Bongs You have always wanted to go into business for yourself, be your own boss and provide your community with the products that they want the most. The opportunity has finally presented itself to you, and you are ready to start a new business by opening up your own smoke shop. You…

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water pipe wholesaler

Where to Find an Acrylic Water Pipe Wholesaler

Water Pipes Wholesaler Owning a smoke shop today, either as a brick-and-mortar shop in your community or as an Internet-based business, can be pretty challenging. Trends in smoking seem to change pretty rapidly at times, and you want to try to keep up with what your customers will want the most so you can compete…

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The Best Smoking Accessories Distributor Online

  There are few things worse than not having an item that a customer needs desperately in stock at your head shop. It can be easy to overlook the plethora of smoking accessories that are required to having the ultimate smoking experience. At IAI we provide an incredible selection of smoking accessories for our clients…

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Top Glass Pipe Distributors

The Top Glass Pipe Distributors

Glass pipes are known for being an effective smoking tool that allows the smoker to produce minimal effort when preparing to smoke. Glass pipes are probably one of the most common smoking accessories for a head shop to sell to its customers. At IAI we provide our customers with top notch glass pipes at wholesale prices….

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Best Wholesale Pipes and Bongs

The Best Wholesale Pipes and Bongs on the Market

Everyone has their own preference when smoking. Some people enjoy vapes, others might enjoy joints or bongs. When you own a head shop, it is important to be able to have a wide selection of smoking accessories. It is important to have a selection of smoking accessories that are as varied as the customers that…

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