Choose One Hitter Wholesalers That Come Through for You

One Hitter Wholesalers

The marketplace for smoke shops is something that has changed quite a bit over the last few years. With the laws changing in many areas around the country that have legalized marijuana use, along with the strong push in the e-cigarette market, smoke shops are more popular than ever and the items they supply are much different than the pipes, cigars, and cigarettes of the past. As a business owner, it is up to you to make sure you supply the items that your customers want the most, so they keep coming back. The popularity of one hitters has put them to the top of the market, and you want to make sure you choose one hitter wholesalers that are going to come through for you with quality merchandise.

Make Sure You Get Quality and Price

There are two important things to your customer when they are looking for one-hitters that you need to consider – quality and price. Smokers today want to know that they can purchase a one hitter that is very discreet to use but is also going to supply them with a good smoking experience. An item that does not work well, is made poorly or falls apart quickly is not going to cut it. You want to find a supplier that gives you good quality items but gives them to you at a great wholesale price. This allows you to turn around and price the item appropriately so it sells well and you make a profit from it.

A Wholesaler to Support You

Another important aspect of the one-hitter wholesalers you consider is that the company can come through for you regarding support and delivery. You want to know that when you place an order, both online or over the phone, that you are going to get the order processed, shipped and delivered promptly and without any difficulties. You also want to know that you can contact your supplier at any time to ask questions about an order, learn about new products or get information and get the personalized service and attention you need.

We Can Offer All of This

At the IAI Corporation, we can offer all of these traits to you as the best of the one hitter wholesalers you will find today. Take a look at the different one hitters we have for sale today on our website at and see what will work best in your shop. You can then place an order online or call us directly at 800-926-3959 and speak to a representative that can assist you in getting the products and service you need.

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