Sneak-a-Toke Wholesaler

For Stealth Smoking Items You Want, Use a Sneak-a-Toke Wholesaler

While smoking herb and marijuana has become more accepted in many locations throughout the United States, even in locations where it is perfectly legal smokers generally want to keep their smoking out of plain sight. There can be various for this, so using devices that are easy to put away or obscure has become much more popular today. As the owner of a smoke shop, you want to make sure you take the needs of your customer base into consideration when you are choosing the products you sell. You want items that will appeal to as a broad of a customer base as possible, so you may want to turn us at IAI Corporation so we can be the sneak-a-toke wholesaler you come to for merchandise.

Different Pipes of Designs and Sizes

Sneak-a-Toke pipes are designed with stealth smoking in mind. Many of the designs of pipes in this category are quite small so that the user can take quick hits when they want one and keep the pipe obscured from plain view. You will find that as you look at different pipes available that many are not only small but are made to look like something other than a pipe so that someone looking casually may not even recognize it as a pipe. These designs provide the perfect level of discretion that many smokers seek today.

The Best Pricing Available

When you turn to us at IAI Corporation to be your sneak-a-toke wholesaler, you will get a great selection of products for your shop at the best pricing you will find anywhere. We can get products from factories all around the world so that we can find the latest styles and trends that customers want at prices that are ideal for your purposes. The low prices give you much greater flexibility when it comes to pricing so that you can sell items at an affordable price for your customers while still making a good profit for your business.

Shopping and Ordering is Easy

If you would like to use us at IAI Corporation as your sneak-a-toke wholesaler, the process is very easy for you. You can simply come to our website at to look at the merchandise and find what you want. You can then choose to place your wholesale order online with us safely and securely, or you can give us a call at 800-926-3959 and speak with one of our associates who can help you set up an account and place your order. In no time at all, you can have the quality pipes and supplies you and your customers like.

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