The IAI Corporation

The IAI Corporation Meets All Your Smoke Shop Needs

Establishing any type of business in the world today is far from an easy thing. No matter what niche you are looking to get into, the competition is going to be fierce and challenging. Smoke shops are no different than any other stores in this instance, and there are many more stores popping up now, both physically and online. If you own a shop like this, you need to know what you must accomplish to stay ahead of the competition and draw the customers in your direction. One important component is having the right wholesaler to deal with, and at the IAI Corporation we can be the vendor that meets all your smoke shop needs.

Great Inventory at IAI

Having a great selection of merchandise allows you to do more of your stocking with one company instead of having to rely on multiple vendors at different locations. We make sure to carry a wide variety of items suitable for any type of smoke shop today so that you can get more from us than you will with other vendors. You can find all the pipes, accessories, e-liquids, vaporizers, hookahs, incense, cigarette rolling machines, and much more right here. We provide easy account access on our website so you can always order any time you need to do so.

The IAI Corporation

IAI Has the Service

Having great merchandise for you is just part of the equation. At IAI Corporation, we make sure we supply every customer with the top-level service they deserve. It does not matter to us how big or small your business is or how much you order; we are going to treat you with the respect you deserve and work hard to make sure you are a satisfied customer that keeps coming back. We listen closely to your wants as a customer and work our hardest to meet your specific needs.

Start an Account with IAI

When you use our services here at IAI Corporation, you give your business a chance to reach the levels of success that you want most. Look at our website so you can see the inventory we carry and the services we can provide for you. When you are ready to start an account with us, just give us a call toll-free at (800) 926-3959, and one of our staff members can help you so that you can work with a vendor that helps to bring out the best in your business.

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