Smoker’s Traveling Kit – Basic Version


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9 Piece Compact Smoker’s Travel Kit includes:

  • Peanut Glass Pipe- One of a kind 3.5″- 4″ glass pipe (Pipes are random colors and styles, and coordinate with color scheme.) Pipes are all quality glass with decent sized bowls and holes.
  • Wooden Metal Pipe- Mini wooden base metal pipe.
  • Sneak-a-Toke – Each kit comes with one color coordinated one hitter SAT pipe.
  • Pipe Cleaner- Tapered soft bristle pipe cleaner, does a great job at cleaning pipes!
  • Poker- Who can’t use another poker?
  • Lighter- Each kit comes with a decaled lighter.
  • Brass Screens – These are the good quality brass ones!
  • Removable Pouch- One of the coolest things is the little zippered pouch!  It houses the screens, or anything else you might want to store there, it is removable with a velcro attachment.
  • Carrying Case with Strap and Zipper – Quality leatherette pouch with elastic straps to hold products from moving around, has a strap and quality zipper.


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