ceramic water pipes

Ceramic Water Pipes Wholesalers Designs

Ceramic water pipes designs are judged on how effective they are, yes, but that’s not all they’re judged on. We offer many different ceramic water pipes that are durable. Our ceramic water pipes products all come in at reasonable prices. However, so much of what makes a good ceramic water pipe is the design. These aren’t just…

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Water Pipes Wholesale

The World of Water Pipes Wholesale

Owning a smoke shop today means spending time analyzing the trends in shopping today on a broad scale and closer to home so you can figure out what merchandise is most appealing to your customer base. For those that are interested in smoking tobacco and herbs, it means you need to have different vessels and…

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the IAI Corporation

Turn to the IAI Corporation for All Your Smoke Shop Needs

When you own a smoke shop today, making sure you have the inventory that appeals most to your customer base is what is going to help you keep moving forward and growing. Naturally, the items you get to sell in your shop are going to come from suppliers, and it is important that you find…

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IAI Corporation will be attending ASD Market Week

ASD Market Week Have you ever wanted to go to a retail merchandise trade show? Well, now you can. IAI Corporation will be at this year’s ASD Market week in Las Vegas, NV. It will be held in March 19-22, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  ASD Market Week has over 55 years of experience,…

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IAI Corporation will be at Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Champs Trade Show It’s that time of year again! Champs Trade show will be held on February 7-9 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, NV. The newest and most advanced products from inventors will be displayed at the Champs Trade Show, and IAI Corporation will be in one of the 700…

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