Water Pipes Wholesale

The World of Water Pipes Wholesale

Owning a smoke shop today means spending time analyzing the trends in shopping today on a broad scale and closer to home so you can figure out what merchandise is most appealing to your customer base. For those that are interested in smoking tobacco and herbs, it means you need to have different vessels and pipes available that your customers will like to use. Water pipes are always a popular choice and having the right array in your shop will help you keep the customers coming to you.

Having a choice of recyclers, percolators and any accessories you may need, like downstem adapters, can make your store the one people turn to more often when they want something.With changes occurring in many states across the country altering the regulations regarding the use of legalized marijuana and herbal products, the marketplace has changed quite a bit in the last few years.

Water Pipes Wholesale

You know find many more customers coming into your shop looking for items designed specifically for use with herbal products, which means you need to do what you can to increase your inventory. It is time for you to make a wise investment in your shop and your future and look for quality water pipes wholesale.

Choosing Items That Sell

For any store that you own, you always want to be sure that you are stocking merchandise that is going to move well. With so many different water pipes for sale today, and the variety of different materials used for the pipes, you have a lot that you can choose from. You want to be sure to select items that are going to be popular with your customer base regarding quality, design, and price. All of these factors are important for you to consider when selecting your merchandise. You may want to look for a good combination of different pipes regarding material and design so that you have the most to offer customers.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Avoid Buying Retail

There are many smaller smoke shops that often buy their supplies and merchandise from other retail establishments. While you can certainly get products in this manner, you have to keep in mind that when you buy retail, you are going to pay retail prices for the items. This means the items have already been subjected to a significant markup so that the retailer can see a large profit. When you buy this way, you then will have to mark up the item again so that you can make money on it, perhaps making it harder to sell because you have had to price the items so high. Buying your items wholesale can save you from this aggravation.

Types of water pipes

The Eccentric Black Water Pipe is exactly that. The millefiori button design is eye-catching, and the bent inner tube holds one’s gaze. We offer them in a variety of sizes and shapes as well. You can get them in black or in the multi-colored beaker base. A water pipe is more than just a tool to be used, for many; it’s a fashion and decoration as well.

Speaking of fashionable and great water pipes, there’s nothing quite like the Glow in the Dark Silicone Water Pipe. You really will be able to see it with the lights out. By that same token, the colors of these pipes are bright enough that you’ll see them quite clearly with the lights on, as well. The sturdy design makes it easy to take it with you when you travel, as it won’t break easily during the trip. The silicone design is travel friendly as well as party friendly.

Water Pipes Wholesale

When it comes to ceramic water pipes, the Mini Snake Queen is ready to offer a curse or a blessing, as is the Magician design. With Revolvers, Double Barrel Shotguns and Pistol designs, we have a ceramic pipe for essentially any firearms enthusiast. These are the kinds of pipes that get people’s attention. Your customers will love being able to have a water pipe that says a lot about who they are.

Hookah Water Pipes

Some people who don’t like cigars prefer hookah or shisha, which is a traditional Arab water pipe. Even though hookah counts as smoking, it’s still a different thing. It has a ritualistic aspect that you can’t resist. Usually, a lot of people want to try it but they’re not sure on how to do it or where to buy them. That’s when good hookah water pipes wholesalers come on handy.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Find the proper venues & flavors

Before you even start smoking a hookah, you need to find a place. If you’re not going to smoke at home, make sure to find a place that offers privacy. It’s recommendable not to go to indoor cafes. The smoke of many different hookahs can cause a thick fog, which isn’t very nice. Some of the most popular flavors among hookah smokers are apple, grape, and rose. You can also opt for mint and other exotic flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or licorice. If you don’t like added flavors, you can just use plain tobacco. To get the best experience when you smoke hookah, you must do it steadily. This way, the coals, and tobacco are at their optimism temperature.  If you wish to keep the tobacco fresh, don’t expose it to oxygen. That’s why high-quality hookah water pipes wholesalers sell their products in airtight containers. They must be stored in dry and cool area away from sunlight. If you keep them from sunlight, they can last up to six months.

Tips for a Good Hookah Water Pipe Experience

It’s better to allow pros to handle the entire equipment if you’re a beginner. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you smoke hookah in a commercial establishment first before you try it out at home. When you inhale the smoke, it must feel natural. Draw in the smoke and take breaks in between puffs. Traditional tobacco is mixed with glycerine, molasses and the extract of flavor, like rose and grape. With hookahs, the charcoal is separated from the tobacco by the metal foil. The smoke comes from the water, which cools the smoke and removes some of the nicotine. That’s another reason why more people are choosing hookah water pipes over cigars and cigarettes.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Gorgeous Glass Pipes Options

It’s amazing how many different looks glass pipes are available today. From pipes with bent glass, or spinal percs and in some cases, both. We even have many what are called “glass in glass” pipes, where you can see the glass inside the glass pipe. This makes for an even more ethereal and eye-catching design. A Shower Head Down Stem is a popular kind of glass shape. To accentuate the look of some of these pipes, the perc and dome are sold in two different colors. While many of our pipes are clear glass, some have unique colorings. For example, the “Rasta Double Perc Glass Water Pipe.” Twelve inches, it features two jellyfish five arm percolators. Like many other pipes, it includes a downstem diffuser, bowl, ice catcher and beaker base.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Glass pipes are known for being an effective smoking tool that allows the smoker to produce minimal effort when preparing to smoke. Glass pipes are probably one of the most common smoking accessories for a head shop to sell to its customers.  Glass pipe are extremely popular smoking accessories that can be categorized into two sections: glass water pipes, and glass pipes. The main difference is that glass water pipes utilize water to provide a smoother hit, which can be seen with bongs, while the classic glass pipes hits tend to be rougher.

Take a Look at the Ceramic Pipes

Having ceramic pipes as part of your inventory can appeal to those that are looking for something different and special in their experience. Ceramic pipes are often very unique and can come in all kinds of designs to appeal to people. You will find choices that can be just what you need for your store that will catch the eyes of particular customers that want that special pipe to use at home and keep on display.

The Advent of E-Cigarettes

One of the things that have changed the smoking industry drastically is the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. Vaping is much more prevalent today than it was even just five years ago and with more people turning to the use of e- cigarettes you are going to want stock items and accessories that are used for vaping. You are naturally going to want to be able to offer the different devices that are used for vaping along with the various accessories for the devices and the different E-liquids that are available. Offering an array of supplies can help you become more known in your area as a store that people can turn to for all of their vaping supplies.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Buying Wholesale Makes a Difference

Making the purchases for your shop on a wholesale level can make a big difference to you. It will allow you to buy inventory in the larger amounts that you may need while still getting a price that is very reasonable for you. When you buy items from a wholesaler you will be paying much less than the typical retail price, allowing you to markup the items so that you are able to make a profit on each of your sales. This allows you to create a much stronger business for yourself and offer competitive pricing for your items so that you can meet what your competition may be offering.

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