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Turn to the IAI Corporation for All Your Smoke Shop Needs

When you own a smoke shop today, making sure you have the inventory that appeals most to your customer base is what is going to help you keep moving forward and growing. Naturally, the items you get to sell in your shop are going to come from suppliers, and it is important that you find the vendors and suppliers that are best for you to deal with on many levels. Instead of spreading yourself out across many vendors, you should look to one trusted source that you can count on for most of your needs. Here at the IAI Corporation, we can help you with all the needs your business may have.

Quality Supplies at IAI

We take great pride in being one of the top wholesale distributors of smoking accessories and paraphernalia in the United States today. We have over twenty years of experience in the industry and have the contacts with the factories and manufacturers around the world that allows us to get the best quality merchandise at the best prices. As a wholesaler, we pass along the savings to you so that you can successfully stock your store with inventory that is affordable to you and your customers and provides you with the healthy profit margins to make your business successful.

the IAI Corporation

Attention to Detail at IAI Corporation

One of the important aspects you will find here at IAI Corporation is that we take our relationship with each customer very seriously. To us, every customer is unique and deserves our full attention. You are much more than an account number on a balance sheet. We take an interest in you and your business and want to work closely with you to forge a lasting relationship that you can rely on and trust.

Start Working with the IAI Corporation

Getting started with us at IAI Corporation can help your business grow and develop in the ways you have always envisioned. You can give us a call at (800) 926-3959 to speak with a representative about setting up an account with us, or ask any questions you may have. We can help you get going and take your orders over the phone, or you can make use of our website to order the items you want so that you can be sure you have all you need to help make your smoke shop a big success.

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